Steek Pattern: Tied Top (PDF)

Brand: De Steek
Sizes: one-size
Type: PDF
Level: beginner/advanced beginner


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This Tied Top Pattern is the first zero-waste pattern that we released! Zero waste pattern making is the process of altering a pattern so that no fabric is left unused. All pattern pieces fit in the full width and length of the fabric.
This pattern is a really cute wrap top with wide sleeves. The best option is to create this top in a stretchy material (but important: choose a fabric that looks (almost) the same on the inside and outside). You need a piece of fabric of 1,10 x 1,40 m for this design. Because it’s a zero-waste pattern (it fits only in one way on the full width), this pattern is in one-size only (possible to wear with size S – L).
De Steek patterns are characterised by it’s minimalism and the simplicity in construction. They offer designs with less seams, simpler closures and pockets, but not compromising in style and contemporary design.
*Note: after purchase you will receive a booklet with the instructions. The pattern is also included in the booklet. Because it’s a zero-waste pattern (simple pattern with almost only rectangled pieces on the full width of the fabric), we choose not to create the pattern in the full scale, this also to save paper. But it’s not complicated to draw the pattern on the fabric with the instructions.


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